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One Stop Logistics is a leading "arranger" of transportation logistics services:

Less-than-Truck-Load (LTL) Shipping

From a single pallet to a half truckload, One Stop can coordinate virtually any size partial shipment, inbound or outbound, to or from any point within the U.S. or Canada. Whether you’re looking for a standard LTL discount for a single pallet or a spot rate on 10 pallets-we can accommodate your need.


We work with hundreds of truckload carriers, from the largest National fleets to single truck Owner Operators. The result is excellent truckload pricing and exceptional coverage throughout the U.S, and Canada.


Our selection of International vendors allows us to move Full Container Loads (FCL) and Less-than-Container (LCL) shipments to almost any destination worldwide via ocean or air transit. Our experts make sure your shipment arrives in a safe and timely manner with all necessary steps taken along the way.

Temperature Controlled

Whether it’s chilled, frozen or simply needs protection from temperature extremes, One Stop has several hundred vendors that specialize in Truckload and LTL Temp Controlled freight moving anywhere in the United States.


Even if you’ve never had the need to move a shipment from Massachusetts to California in three days-or overnight-doesn’t mean you won’t have to. When it comes to short notice, expedited or even Emergency situations, One Stop is equipped to provide a full array of ground and air expedited options for nearly any type of freight.

Trade Show / Convention Services

Trade Show shipping comes with its own special set of circumstances, and we route freight into trade shows on a regular basis on a weekly basis. Whether it’s the Fancy Food Show or the local Food Expo, we are experts and will ensure your products, samples and displays are transported in a safe and cost effective manner.

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Supplying freight rates via phone, fax, Email or internet

Scheduling freight, routing and tracking of shipments

Supplying supporting documents on your behalf

Communicating with shippers, vendors and customers to facilitate proper transit and/or set appointments

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